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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: new tonight at 11 the san francisco police make a third arrest in connection with the vandalism and arson of a minibus it during the giants world series celebration. of this public minibus. the 24 year-old adam diaz of oakland was arrested today in lafayette
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he is accused of using a skateboard to break the windows of the public petipa's on market street. this damage is nearly one a million dollars. already another custody was taken into custody. nicholas hudson was arrested wednesday. for vandalism, destroying a passenger transit vehicle and arson. all of which are felonies. the first arrested this man, gregory grasnice he has pleaded " not guilty " he was located after a photograph was smashed circulated through social media sites. he was identified as a suspect and turned himself into suspect turned himse into
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authorities. >> and jacqueline? >> is going to get a little bit better but it is been so cold! it is chilly. and it is still bringing us some more rain to some of weather cells offshore and through the el diablo range the possibility of seeing some scourscattered showers but we have seen in some activity may be pressing to the east. that is spotty shower pattern continuing offshore but this is going to continue to maintain its for presence along the coast. the snowfall has started to pick up here lake tahoe. we will continue to see this overnight and the futurecast is pinpointing this very well. the snowfall is increasing overnight and widespread once again near the coast. very little activity as we go towards the later morning hours.
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9:00 a.m., still that snowfall in full swing in relatively dry conditions for the bay area. it will start to taper off for the afternoon and the rainfall also not return to the bay area bike chilly conditions behind this storm. there is a frosted 53. for chilly conditions-behind these conditions. >> charles clifford has the current conditions in the mountains. >> after nearly 24 hours there is still a lot of fresh paw reticulated these caltran camerons along interstate-80 at the donner summit you can see the road we still more snow. there are road restrictions in effect with a 4 x 4 or carrying tire chain laws between the donner lake interchange and kingvale. also the trucks are being checked for a tire chains between applegate and truckee. we are still a
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couple wa weeks away from things giving but this is from squaw valley. this is a few miles north of lake tahoe bay are reporting 9 in. in the last 24 hours and they're also making snow. and this is from heavenly ski resort. this is from friday morning as well they're also making snowfall. heavenly is reporting 32 in. in the last 48 hours. if the weather cooperates most of the ski areas are hoping to open by thanksgiving or possibly the first week in december. charles clifford, kron 4 toured >> the widow of fallen the chp officer attended a fund- raiser with all the proceeds going to her family. she tells kron4's phillipe djegal the she has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. >> whenever we have received even a just cards
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it has truly been appreciated by each one of us. >> the was no sign that the pain of losing her husband will never go away. the support her family has received from the c h p and the east bay communities is priceless. >> it is touching, really the outpouring of love from the community. the support, it is a touching for everybody in my family. >> the contra costa peace alliance as saying that the least one of the people showed up for the fund- raiser at the which would make quick and wedding center. >> everything tonight was it donated so that every single dollar that we make tonight can be given directly to the family. >> men and women who worked with a officer youngstrom attended and the mayor
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newell arnerich... we want to make sure that the family knows the we are here. >> the officer was shot to death by a driver in september wall making a routine traffic stop on interstate 680. karen says i think that he would be very touched of the community loved serving so much has reached out to us. >> in san ramon, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> city officials in oakland are looking to put the brakes take over the embattled oakland police department the city has filed legal papers calling such a move inappropriate. >> they believe the city is moving too slow in implementing court-ordered forms for taking action
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against officer misconduct. city officer barbara parker has filed legal papers filed with the court saying it would be inappropriate and counter productive to bring in and outside to run the entire department. >> what we're doing now is ready to step up and make sure that we are going to complete and the steps. >> to that and the city once to crate you to positions within the department a compliance director and an assistant chief of constitutional policing. >> one person to be highly regarded as a compliance director of the also with the arm of the court that could work with us in real time that we will move forward unless they have
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full of 40 to have full authority it is not acceptable. both sides will make their arguments before a federal judge. and if they will either make a decision on the spot or rule at a later time dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>pam: coming up the man with keeping the nation's secret has one of his own. the head of the cia is resigning and a bay area company makes an eye opening breakthrough. of these glasses can help people who are color blind. >> coming up later the warriors face the lakers with of their coach with out-their coach. and also
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>> well, we all know the bay area is pricey for a living but there are two local neighborhoods among the top five most expensive in the country. atherton. came in at no. 5 with a median home price of 4.3 mil in dollars. woody creek, colorado was number four, v york city, specifically the greenwich village and tribeca area came in third. marin county is on the list with the city of ross coming in second. and that town with so many celebrities, stevie wonder, eddie murphy, chris rock, alpine in new jersey came in first. >> a stunning announcement from the director of the cia, petraeus is admitted to
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an extramarital affair. he showed a portrait of by the engaging in the affair, he said. and that behavior is unacceptable as a husband and as the leader of an organization such this as the cia. the fbi is investigating any potential security risks. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers.
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>> a berkeley based optical technology company has made a huge technology breakthrough. they have new glasses that will help people that are color blind to see colors more accurately for the first time. this is a sample of what it looks like. gabe slate tech report visited enchroma >> if 10 million people suffer from color vision deficiency. these engineers wanted to improve the lives. >> the best sense of accomplishment for my entire scientific life is making is somebody that is colored deficient and taking a walk around with them. there is always an baja moment. is that flower violet? and baj-- mac-point of revelation.
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>> after 10 years of revelation they have released their color in enhancing sunglasses. prescription or non- prescription. >> after normal red, green, blue color perception of the world will look highly enhanced. this is where it's the story took a little bit of a turnip that this can tuto and benefit everybody. not just people of color deficiencies. let me tell you that holy cow! it was amazing i will am aware on how this will sound cheesy but these colors looked amazing. thicker, brighter, beautiful, the colors were enhanced it was like i could see better. i wish i could see what it was like what it does not translate to the
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cameras optics. it will seem everything to be better, driving, and the outdoor activity. for more information gabe slate tech report >> residents of treasure island are upset about what seems to be constant power outages. the electricity has gone out 40 times since the beginning of the year the most recent was around midnight and lasted about five hours. many of the people that are living there are fed up with the one subject done to fix the problem. san francisco provides the power to the island but they say that it is old infrastructure. >> normal electric infrastructure it useful is about a 30-40 years. the electric infrastructure on the treasure island is 60-80 years old was up there is just old. the city officials say that they have teams on
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a standby 24-7 and many of grades are planned over the next six months. officials say that should help to prevent power outages. >>jacqueline: it has been iranian with the satellite and radar showing the broken patterns. and over the bay area we have seen this for the last couple of hours but still the possibility of overnight. one thing that we will certainly see our cold conditions take a look currently 30 degrees in santa rosa, 39 degrees in napa. 42 decrease in the sunnyvale and it is going to be a lot colder overnight. with some portions near the afternoon, still only 50s with the 60s by the 3:00 p.m. hour. there is a
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frost advisory for the north bay. it has been extended until 8:00 p.m. i would not be surprised if this is also towards the livermore valley because temperatures are also going to be cold. it is 30's through napa, concord, pleasanton and even 30's along the coast in half moon bay. 50s through livermore and 4 the seeress of snowfall will pick again up overnight with 1 in.-3 in.- through the sierras. chilly. and dry, warm sunday and monday and this time locally a an improvement with the chances of storms but sunshine by the afternoon. sunday, monday, to stick with the rainfall chances wednesday. >> holiday flights are booking up early this year the wall street journal reports a dramatic increase in sales for flights for the
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christmas and new year's eve holiday is they're already up 50% from a year ago. one possible reason is that there are a 11 prime holiday days instead of the usual and 90's. it is easier for families to travel further destinations. a coming of in sports the oakland raiders. mcfadden details and the warriors, it was all kobe bryant latest with sports [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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among the warriors and los angeles tonight on electric bear with mike brown being shown the door. the los angeles tonight for in the lakers. however, mike brown perhaps more to the point expectations are always so high los angeles. you are charging $2,000 per ticket and you better not have call with bright look at you like this this was a couple of days in utah. and once kobe bryant look at him that was about it. and mike brown i cannot believe this they gave him $11 million. they finished out his contract and here is a $11 million to
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go away. no word on the next coach. and with the lakers? the interim coach. the warriors for the opponent and steven curry shooting a bit erratic and brian went to work. the warriors for their nearly three-quarters, only down by 5 and brien went to work. nearly 27 points, nine rebounds, seven assists. and i know that sounds like the joke but that is still in his 17th season. here egos. 101-77,- here he goes. mr. nicholson is always court side and the lakers fire mike brown and with the night over the golden state warriors. home against denver. and the college hoops in the bay area, the all-american and at duke and rex walters are
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at kansas and their players here we go. 35-33. they play this at the oakland coliseum and pretty difficult. if there were some of these seats, to say the least 27 points off the bench stanford is supposed to be pretty good. college hoops with readers and baltimore on sunday there are going to do without it. mcfadden. and he has a severely injured ankle he will not play but high one jones a local kid from antioch is expected to get a lot of theories. the forty-niners finer second game in 23 days and are fed favorites versus the rams. and they're catching iran with our fat favorites. they're catching- the rams. with they lost
11:27 pm
three in a row and it as a rematch, just a quirk in the schedule the to combine a by week with a thursday night game and they are going to be well rested. >> the team is playing very good football. i think there is an improvement in the team. it seems like they are doing a very good job. >> and how come everyone he talks and says that oh my gosh! and you are correct. i'm going to change my stripes because he's a great coach everybody is glad that he is with the 49ers but a few of that weird dynamic it if you do not want to talk to somebody and you are forced to talk to somebody that is what you get. but the bottom line is that he wins. the kobe bryant, it is fascinating. even jackie said that you should not be put their summit to be said if you been in a place 70
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years and the coaches only been there one and you've had five championships and you have been there-17 years. -- >> i understand. and it is just the other thing that kobe bryant is know what he is doing. he knew that he was not going to go with mike braun. have a good weekend, everybody. mike brown
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